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 is currently unavailable - it has ceased publication.*

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  • Whether you're a veteran or novice bird enthusiast, you will enjoy the informative articles and colorful photos in this magazine.


Wildbird magazine is great for any avid or casual bird lover. There are articles in each issue that highlight some of the most beautiful North American birds. These articles may discuss the bird’s habitat, their eating preferences, their nesting patterns, and much more. They are designed to give enthusiastic bird watchers with all the information they need to locate and monitor many different kinds of birds. Local birds are featured; the kind you can see in your own backyard. There are also articles on different locations where people who enjoy birding can travel to and see some of the most exotic and interesting North American birds.

Quite possibly the greatest thing about Wildbird magazine is the attention they give to high quality bird photography. Not only do they take great pictures of birds, they also tell you how to take some fantastic photos of your own! The tips they provide will have you capturing excellent images in no time. They include information on what kind of feeders to use to attract different birds, as well as what gear is best for going birding. Each year, Wildbird magazine also holds an annual photography contest for amateurs to submit their photos. Plenty of departments and regular columns add to the stability of the magazine, connecting each article and making the magazine cohesive as a whole.

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