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 is currently unavailable - it has ceased publication.*

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  • is the only magazine dedicated to the art of being together as a couple. Tango magazine is an indispensable guide to lasting love for singles and couples. Provocative, playful, and candid, Tango addresses the day-to-day issues in relationships - career, leisure, family, friends - and reinforces the themes of lasting love, passion, partnership, trust, and communication.


It takes two to tango, but only one to read this excellent magazine, although it is geared toward couples. Tango magazine is the first publication of its kind. It strives to show people how to be together. The advice it provides is essential for helping singles find lasting love, and helping couples to endure in their journey as one. The writing style of this magazine is fun and playful, yet very direct, keeping an adult feel to the content of the magazine. Each issue publishes insight into the world of relationships that you won’t find anywhere else. Stories published in Tango magazine give you an inside look at other couples and their relationship triumphs and woes. Advice from the experts can really help your relationship to succeed.

Each issue publishes page-turning stories, and offers a number of articles that are sexual in content for mature adult readers. These help guide you into spicing your relationship up and making the love last. Other advice published in Tango magazine focuses on different aspects of the relationship, including family and home life, as well as what you do for recreation. Of course, as relationships get more complicated, so do the issues, and so advice is also published on the need for good communication regarding careers and money.

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