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 is currently unavailable - it has ceased publication.*

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  • just the magazine, whether you are simply watching your carbohydrate intake or are a diehard carb-watcher! Low Carb Energy is a fabulous source of recipes, expert advice and information. More than 50 recipes in every issue along with advice from health professionals, fitness gurus, researchers, nutritionists, chefs and other experts. (formerly titled Low Carb Energy)


Everyone knows that dieting and fitness are best done with the help of a companion. Only problem is, sometimes it’s hard to find a friend to cut carbs with. Not anymore. She Knows Low Carb magazine is designed to be your ultimate dieting partner as you slash carbs and work your way to a happier, healthier you. Each issue is full of different meal ideas to help you keep things interesting as you adapt to your new style of eating. For those who have been cutting carbs for a long time, these menus help to add variety to their current diet, promoting good health. Informational articles about following a low carb diet help to make sure readers understand the need for proper nutrition, and ensure that they know how to receive the nutrients they need.

She Knows Low Carb magazine also relates stories of others who follow a low carb eating plan in the form of feature articles. These help to connect readers, and walk them through their journey down a low carb diet. Other articles detail some of the effects that a low carb diet has on your body and metabolism. She Knows Low Carb magazine shows you how to pick what foods to eat when going out to eat, and how to make it through parties and other special events while sticking to your diet.

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