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Predator Extreme Magazine Subscription
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Predator Extreme Magazine Subscription

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  • appeals to the predator and varmint hunters interested in technical information about guns and habitat. Predator Xtreme magazine is for the hunter interested in all aspects of the sport. Each issue of Predator Xtreme magazine covers topics from night hunting to hunting for furs, readers will get all the information they need on the right gear.


Predator Xtreme magazine gives full coverage of the sport of predator and varmint hunting and other related topics. Feature articles focus on this type of hunting and how it is currently making headlines. This publication is one of the first to call attention to issues that are raised regarding the legislation that controls this type of sport. Articles presented are informative, and sometimes contain debates, portraying both sides of the argument. This allows hunters to get a feel for what other hunters think is right in terms of specific hunting issues. Predator Xtreme strives to inform the general public about how this type of hunting is beneficial, and under what circumstances it is allowed. This type of news proves valuable for hunting enthusiasts.

Technical information for hunters is also regularly published in this magazine. An article might focus on a particular type of gun, and how it is best used in hunting. Other how-to advice teaches hunters about animal behavior and habitats, training them to be better hunters. Predator Xtreme magazine is the leading magazine for hunters looking for solid information concerning the practice of, and current views and happenings on predator and varmint hunting.

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