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Please note: PlayGirl Magazine Subscription - no subscriptions allowed for schools, libraries, military or individuals at correctional facilities. (Publishers will NOT refund if you place such an order)
PlayGirl Magazine Subscription
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PlayGirl Magazine Subscription

 [Adult Magazines]
  • an entertainment source for the modern woman. With frank photography of the opposite sex, Playgirl also includes interviews, fiction, beauty and health.
    PlayGirl Magazine is not intended for minors. A minor should NOT include this magazine in any order they place with
    Adult magazines are shipped in plain wrappers.


Playgirl magazine is known the earth over for bringing women exclusive looks at some of the hottest men. In a world where there are plenty of magazines that feature nude women and sexually related information that is geared toward men, Playgirl gives women what they want and need. It is an entertainment magazine, but it contains adult content that is not appropriate for minors. As an entertainment magazine there is information from time to time that is given on a wide number of topics. A male celebrity may be featured, and information regarding his career and what is happening in the industry may be included in the profile that is given of him. Playgirl magazine also occasionally deals with political and cultural issues, as well as other current events. In addition, articles discuss health and fitness, and even sometimes get into the world of fashion.

Of course, it is not best known for being an entertainment magazine. Playgirl magazine photographs the hottest males from around the world in sexually arousing ways. Every year, one issue is dedicated solely to these men, and another issue contains a calendar that features the men who posed for the magazine the previous year.

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Reviewed by Christine Magazine Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
A very cool magazine the articles are good and sometimes funny, and the pictures are great professional and really cool.
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