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Please note: Penthouse Magazine Subscription - no subscriptions allowed for schools, libraries, military or individuals at correctional facilities. (Publishers will NOT refund if you place such an order)
Penthouse Magazine Subscription
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Penthouse Magazine Subscription

 [Adult Magazines]
  • featuring photo essays of beautiful women. Penthouse is edited for the sophisticated male. It features celebrity profiles and investigative articles.
    Penthouse Magazine is not intended for minors. A minor should NOT include this magazine in any order they place with
    Adult magazines are shipped in plain wrappers.


One of the hottest men’s lifestyle magazines is Penthouse magazine. It is known for its pictorials of some of the world’s most beautiful women. They are featured in erotic poses, some barely clothed, and others fully nude. In addition there are exclusive interviews with these models, and other hot celebrities. More than just pretty women and their profiles, entertainment is also covered in Penthouse magazine. The newest movies, and audio and video equipment are covered. The reviews are interesting to read, and educational. Of course, all men enjoy cars and sports and each topic receives a great deal of attention.

The style of writing used makes Penthouse one of the most enjoyable men’s magazines to read. It is entertaining from beginning to end, and uses humor and other adult material to keep readers interested. Fashion is featured from time to time, showcasing the hottest clothes and newest accessories for men. Different political topics are sometimes tackled, as are some sensitive cultural topics. Overall, men can be kept up to date and current on their favorite topics, while at the same time enjoying high quality adult photographs of different beautiful women. Penthouse magazine gives readers a little bit of everything they are looking for.

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