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  • dares to feature stunning scenes of beautiful, provocative young women!
    Live Young Girls Magazine is not intended for minors. A minor should NOT include this magazine in any order they place with
    Adult magazines are shipped in plain wrappers.


If you like ‘em young, you’ll love ‘em in Live Young Girls magazine. All the models are above the age of 18, but they are featured because of their youthful beauty. Photographers manage to capture the untapped sexuality, the innocence and the inexperience of these young women who have just started to explore their sexuality. As models they pose on their own and with other models in a number of erotic poses. Photographs are set in a number of different scenes, keeping the magazine interesting. Most of these girls are just getting started in the adult entertainment industry, and the possibility that one will be the next big thing is quite great. Live Young Girls magazine ventures to bring readers the very best young women models, highlighting their sexual desires and playing upon their youthful nature.

In addition to these amazing photo shoots, profiles of the models are given to help you get to know them better. Oftentimes they discuss superficial things, such as their favorite fast food, and what they do for fun, before getting into their deep sexual desires. These young women bare it all in Live Young Girls magazine discussing their first sexual experiences and the fantasies they hope to live out in the future.

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