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  • Floss is a new fashion and entertainment magazine specially designed for the hip-hop generation.


Floss magazine is a hip hop lifestyle magazine, not to be confused with Mental Floss magazine. It is full of articles that report on major news and events from the hip hop community and the latest trends developing in the hip hop industry. It is geared toward a young trendy audience, and is written in an enjoyable and smooth manner. The writers are trendsetters themselves, and know a thing or two about making a splash on the scene. A great majority of the coverage is dedicated to the entertainment world. Feature articles report on the major personalities in the industry, often times interviewing hip hop stars and other entertainers. Reviews of television shows, movies, and music are regularly included. Floss magazine likes to keep up on the cutting edge of everything, and keep its readers informed as well.

One of the major editorial focuses is on fashion. Interviews are conducted with the world’s top designers and stylists. They discuss the latest trends that are developing, and help you to embrace the hip hop style. Models show off these fashions on every page. Major executives in the fashion and music industry are also interviewed from time to time. Floss magazine brings you the very best of hip hop in an entertaining and informative way.

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