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  • Dynamic Graphics provides "design ideas for the real world" to help graphics professionals produce attention-getting projects from start to finish.


Dynamic Graphics magazine is great for those interested in the world of graphic design. It is written for a general interest audience, and therefore the articles are informative, easy to understand, and educational. It covers innovative design ideas, and is written for both Mac and PC users. The feature articles discuss a wide range of topics. They start with the very basics in Photoshop and Powerpoint, helping users to make the most of the programs they have, and create original presentations. Other editorials focus on the use of digital cameras in graphic design, as well as different uses of color and schemes.

Dynamic Graphics magazine is especially valuable for its product reviews. It analyzes the new software on the market, showing you what is worth your time and what isn’t. The how-to articles discuss both design and layout. They give instructions for multiple programs such as Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Freehand. This magazine gives those new to the design world a solid foundation of information on the process of design, printing, and production. Even experienced design professionals appreciate Dynamic Graphics magazine. The articles are accurate, and they help those in the field revisit the basics and stay informed on new techniques and software.

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