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Disney Adventures Magazine Subscription

 is currently unavailable - it has ceased publication.*

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  • Features music, movies, trends, sciences, travel, gadgets, games, heroes, explorers and more. Age group 7-14.


Disney Adventures magazine is a great place for kids to learn and explore, at the same time being entertained. This magazine uses familiar Disney characters to educate readers on different events that are happening from around the world. The main focal point of the content is not on current events, although some coverage is given to them. It is designed to provide kids with information on the entertainment industry, entertaining them at the same time. This may include news on Disney channel shows, as well as new movies that are coming out, mainly those produced by Walt Disney. There are also reviews of books and video games that readers will find beneficial when choosing additional recreational material. Disney Adventures magazine is written with the goal of appealing to a wide audience, and therefore contains a variety of articles and comics.

Some articles are more educational in nature, and they discuss things like the latest advances in technology, and different scientific discoveries. Games and puzzles are also included in each issue. Disney Adventure magazine showcases young ones from around the world who are making an impact in their community. These real life accounts inspire readers to take action and show them how they can make a contribution to society.

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