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Dell Extreme Sudoku Magazine Subscription

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  • is really geared toward the more experienced Sudoku solver or someone who likes a challenge. The breakdown of the 178 puzzles is: 44 Easy, 54 Medium, 74 Hard, and 6 large Challengers, which have run in Dell's titles as Number Place Challenger. These puzzles have the X factor.


If you started on doing sudoku puzzles that were published in the newspaper or other general interest magazines and enjoyed them, then you will love the sudoku puzzles that you will find en masse in Dell Original Sudoku magazine. Well, if you are ready for an even greater challenge, then go ahead and pick up Dell Extreme Sudoku magazine. This magazine contains even more difficult puzzles than those that are found in its sister publication. If you love solving sudoku puzzles, then surely you will want to push yourself over time, and this magazine will give you just the push you need to keep stretching your brain and crunching those numbers. Just make sure you start out using a pencil in your copy of Dell Extreme Sudoku magazineat first, otherwise you may be sorry!

Sudoku has grown in popularity in the Western world by leaps and bounds over the last few years. If you have yet to jump on the sudoku train, you should think about climbing on board. These fun and interesting puzzles really are quite challenging, and some difficult puzzles may keep you working on them for more than just a few hours. The best place for experts looking for tougher puzzles is Dell Extreme Sudoku magazine.

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