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  • Edited for the enthusiastic cross country skier who wants to learn more about the sport.


Cross country skiing gets the coverage it needs with Cross Country Skier magazine. For years, this magazine has been devoted to providing avid cross country skiers with the best information. Over the years it has seen many changes, but all have been for the better. This truly is a publication that keeps getting better and better with time. Each issue provides great photos of interesting places to enjoy Nordic Skiing around the world. These give skiers an idea of places to travel, and the reviews of the locations provide travelers with all the information they need to pick a resort and a trail that is right for them. Cross Country Skier magazine is best known for all of its equipment reviews. Each issue presents new skis, boots, poles, and other gear and equipment for skiing. These objective reviews serve to educate those looking to buy new equipment as to the pros and cons of each new product available.

Avid skiers love Cross Country Skier magazine because it always has advice on improving your cross country skiing technique. Tips from professionals help new skiers get on their feet. All around this is the most complete magazine on cross country skiing that is in circulation today.

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