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I thought the entire process was simple and quick. Very good!!!!
Feedback from Raymond B
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Backpacker Magazine Subscription

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  • focuses on wilderness travel. Every issue features practical, how-to advice. In Backpacker readers will find the best places to go, the gear they'll need to get there, great foldout maps and stunning photography.


There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors the way it was intended to be seen, on foot, hiking through the wilderness, breathing it all in. Backpacker magazine takes you there with its beautiful color photos of different hiking hot spots. This magazine is dedicated to showing you how you can make the most of any hiking trip. It features trails, giving longer consideration to new trails that have opened up, or popular hiking destinations. The hikes included in Backpacker magazine range from short trails for beginners, to long treks typical of avid outdoorsmen. Information given regarding these hikes is extensive, including everything from trail maps, to crowd control information.

Backpacker magazine also works to improve your hiking experience. Articles from other hikers shows you how you can make the way you hike more enjoyable. They feature everything, including how to lighten your load for the hike, and what the best hike foods are. Product reviews analyze everything from the newest hiking shoes, boots, and sandals, to backpacks, tents, and even dehydrated food. This magazine also focuses on the personal achievement received in completing a hike, encouraging you to go for it. Backpacker is a well rounded source of advice for anyone looking at heading off to the trails.

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Reviewed by Justin R Magazine Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!
This is a great resource magazine. I am involved with an Outdoors club and I often pick up ideas for our activities. I also use it personally to help plan my holidays. The gear reviews are very useful, gear is too expensive to risk buying the wrong product!
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