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 is currently unavailable - it has ceased publication.*

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  • Amusement Business keeps you intact with the latest business news from the amusement industry with weekly info from amusement parks, theme parks, fairs, festivals and carnivals.


The authority on amusement parks is Amusement Business magazine. For years it has been providing a dedicated audience with exclusive information on the country’s top amusement and theme parks. In addition to providing reports on new rides and features at these locations, they provide information on other smaller events such as local and state fairs. The main focus of Amusement Business magazine is to give readers information on the personalities that are shaping the face of the amusement park world. This may be done by way of profiles of the top amusement parks, detailing how they run their business successfully. The interviews of the businessmen and women behind these theme parks are quite interesting. They give readers a behind the scenes look at the decision makers and others who are influencing the industry.

In addition, Amusement Business magazine has also started to branch out and give coverage to other entertainment events. Oftentimes information is given regarding music tours and other events that you can enjoy out of doors in your spare time. A highlighted feature is the yearly estimates of theme park attendance which gives readers a look at what is drawing the crowds and alerting them to new trends.

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